InFusion: Inpainting 3D Gaussians via Learning Depth Completion from Diffusion Prior

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Gaussian Inpainting

Point Cloud & Mesh


Top: To remove a target from the optimized 3D Gaussians, our Infusion first inpaints a selected one-view RGB image and applies the proposed diffusion model for depth inpainting to the depth projection of the targeted 3D Gaussians. The progressive scheme addresses view-dependent occlusion issues by utilizing other unobstructed viewpoints.

Bottom: A detailed view of the training pipeline for the depth inpainting U-Net is presented. We employ a mask-driven denoising diffusion for training of the U-Net, which utilizes a frozen latent tokenizer by taking the RGB image and depth map as inputs.

Texture Editing

InFusion allows users to modify the appearance and texture of targeted areas with ease.

Object Insertion & Completion

Infusion allows user to project objects into a real three-dimensional scene through editing a single image.


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